Customizable Bottle Openers

This download includes various bottle opener shapes. You may add them as-is to your designs, or customize them with a name or logo.

We recommend these parts being added to materials that are less than .125” thick. You want them to be sturdy, but thin enough to fit under the lip of the bottle. I would also recommend steel over aluminum for these.

When adding a logo or type, be sure to add bridges to critical areas so you don’t lose the holes in your letters or design. You’ll also want to keep your material thickness in mind. Shapes, holes, bridges and lines should be at least the material thickness in width.

Let’s take a look at the example below. We want to add our logo type to one of the bottle openers. We will be cutting this from .125” Aluminum. The first thing I see is that my design doesn’t have bridges to the holes in my letters. I also see a couple areas that are a bit close together. I’m going to modify my design a bit to ensure a clean cut with no issues.

You’ll see I actually extended the length of the bottle opener a bit to accommodate the changes in my design. I created bridges to the holes in my letters, I added more space between some of the letters and I created more of a curve on some of the tight angles. This design should now cut as I expect, with no issues.

As always, before you add this to your sheet go through the normal pre-flight checklist:

My file is 2D
My file is built at a 1:1 scale
All my type is outlined
I have no open contours
Reversed type has bridges
I have cleaned up all stray points, empty objects and text areas
All my objects are on the same layer
All holes and cutouts are at least 1.5x material thickness
No feature or detail is smaller than 0.010"