Customizable Earrings/Pendants

You could buy earrings. Anyone can buy earrings. However, you could design custom earrings and have them cut on a giant laser. The latter sounds better - right? We thought so. This download includes various shapes and sizes of earrings or necklace pendants that you can customize. We'll show you step by step how to add your own initials or shapes before you add these to your nests.

I built these to be cut from .040" aluminum. I wouldn't recommend going more than .06" thick with these. If you decide to go thicker you'll need to adjust your shapes, holes and thicknesses accordingly. No holes should be less than 1.5x material thickness. With that in mind... let's get to customizing.

I'm using initials for all my examples here, but you can swap the letters out for a simple shape as well, as shown above. Get creative! I'm using the font Molle, which I downloaded from Google Fonts. You can use another font if you like, just be sure to use something bolder with thick line weights.

Reversed Initial

Let's start with the gear-shaped earring. I am adding a capital B. I placed my letter over the earring and sized appropriately.

The first thing we'll need to do is convert our text to a vector shape or path. Different programs call it different things. In Illustrator for example, you would be creating outlines from your text.

Next, since this letter is being reversed out from the gear, we'll need to create a bridge to the hole in the B. The top hole has a bridge already, so we'll just need one for the bottom hole. I drew a shape with my pen tool that matches the flow of the rest of the letter and cut that shape from the letter. In Illustrator I used the Trim tool. The only thing I will warn is when using these shape modifying tools, sometimes you'll end up with an empty shape, like we see here. You'll want to delete those before proceeding.


The last thing we need to do is cut the shape of the B from the earring. Again, we'll be working with the shape or path tools. With both the B and the earring shapes selected, I used the Exclude tool in Illustrator. View your design in Outline mode to make sure you didn't end up with any extra shapes.

Standard Initial

Now, let's add a letter to one of the hoop earrings. In this example I'll be adding a capital K to the circle hoop. Once my letter is sized and placed appropriately, I'll once again need to convert my letter to a vector shape or path.

We don't need to worry about losing any holes or critical parts of our design this time. All we need to do now is combine or unite our letter with the earring. To do this. I'll select both the letter and my earring shapes and use the Unite tool (Illustrator).

That's it! I can now duplicate and add my designs to my nest. As always, before you send your file to us, go through the normal pre-flight checklist:

My file is 2D
My file is built at a 1:1 scale
All my type is outlined
I have no open contours
Reversed type has bridges
I have cleaned up all stray points, empty objects and text areas
All my objects are on the same layer
All holes and cutouts are at least 1.5x material thickness
No feature or detail is smaller than 0.010"