Exporting to DXF from Fusion 360

Fusion 360 is great for modeling, rendering, and fitting your 3D designs together. The laser, however, can't interpret those 3D files. Don't fret! We have a work-around. In this tutorial we'll go through the steps of exporting to DXF from Fusion 360. 
DXF files can only be made from sketches. Depending on how you designed your file, you may or may not have sketches attached. You can easily create a sketch if you don't. I prefer creating a new sketch anyway, as sometimes if you've made modifications, they may not be reflected on your original sketch.

Step 1

Find a flat part that you want to export to be cut. In my example we have a shifter assembly for a custom car build. We'll be exporting the base plate to be cut by the laser.

In order to create a sketch, you need have to have only that component selected.

Step 2

Now we'll open up our component. You can see here that this component has no sketches attached. Select the Body and Face that you want to export.

Step 3

With the face selected, hit the "P" key on your keyboard to access the Project tool. You'll be asked to select a plane or geometry. We'll be selecting the face geometry. Click "Ok".

Step 4

You'll now see a sketch attached to your body. You'll also see purple handles around the selected face.

Let's export! Right click your sketch and select "Export DXF".

Step 5

If you have the software to do it, I would advise opening your file in CAD or Illustrator to verify everything is as it should be. As always, before you send your file to us, go through the pre-flight checklist.

My file is 2D
My file is built at a 1:1 scale
All my type is outlined
I have no open contours
Reversed type has bridges
I have cleaned up all stray points, empty objects and text areas
All my objects are on the same layer
All holes and cutouts are at least 1.5x material thickness
No feature or detail is smaller than 0.010"

We're here to help.

Not sure about your design? Have a question or want advice? Shoot us an email at support@sendcutsend.com. We'll get back to you as soon as we can. The more we can help you, the more it helps us provide you with the best and quickest laser-cut parts.