Laser Shark Bottle Opener

Not only is it a shark – with a friggen laser on its head, but it's also quite efficient for opening bottles. It's cool AND practical.

I wouldn't recommend cutting this out of anything less than .075". Those fins get a little sharp and harder to hold onto the thinner you go. Other than that, this template is ready to use as-is or added to your existing design sheets.

As always, before you send your file to us, be sure to go through the pre-flight checklist:

My file is 2D
My file is built at a 1:1 scale
All my type is outlined
I have no open contours
Reversed type has bridges
I have cleaned up all stray points, empty objects and text areas
All my objects are on the same layer
All holes and cutouts are at least 1.5x material thickness
No feature or detail is smaller than 0.010"