Get better, stronger, easier bends using Smile Bends

I think we all know bending metal isn't easy, well, for most people. You can cut holes, or perforate along your bend lines, but that isn't always exact. It's also not  as pretty. Knowing the right amount of holes to cut to keep the strength of your metal in tact is another factor to consider. Smile bend to the rescue!

A smile bend is a bend that uses a very specific pattern for perforation. The cuts look like smiles – hence the name. This method provides stronger bends and well as more visually pleasing bends. Tthey work great as-is or for welding.

In this article we'll give you templates, tips, tricks, and specifications so you can make your projects the best they can be.

Download a template

We've provided templates for each of our metals, with a standard pattern that works for each thickness. We'll give you some tip and tricks for tweaking these for your own use.

[template link(s)]

Line width

You can adjust as needed, but the general rule of thumb, is .6x material thickness for the thickness of the smile line. For example, .125" aluminum would require a line width of .075". The thicker the width of the line, the easier it will be to bend. Something to keep in mind is that a thicker line will be more visible.


We have these set up so that the end of one smile lines up with the start of the next. Adjusting these will adjust the strength of your bend. Providing more space between will make bending your metal more difficult, but the bend will be stronger. Alternatively, making them closer together will result in a weaker, yet more eaily bendable part.

Smile width

As above, adjusting the length of the smile itself will also result in stronger or weaker bends. Our templates are a standard width that works well for most materials and projects. If you'd like a stronger bend, make your smiles shorter.

Share your projects

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