1095 High Carbon Steel

Our 1095 high carbon steel is a high carbon alloy of the plain carbon steel family. It is intended for high hardness and strength, but also tends to be brittle when hardened. Typically used for springs or cutting tools requiring sharp cutting edges.

If you're looking for a tough and durable steel for your custom knives, axes or other cutting tools, 1095 high carbon steel is your metal. 

High Hardness and Strength

Great for Cutting Tools

Weather Resistant


Available Thicknesses:

The 95 in the name of the steel indicates the carbon content, in this case, it’s 0.95% carbon content. The inclusion of carbon helps harden the steel and toughens the resulting blades, making them more impervious to wear and tear over time. Despite the toughness provided by the carbon content, other types of steel are tougher still due to increased levels of manganese. The trade-off with higher manganese levels is a more brittle blade, which has an increased chance of snapping or shattering.

  • Normal Temp    1550° - 1650° F.
  • Anneal Temp    1400° - 1500° F.
  • Hard Temp    1440° - 1475° F.
  • Oil Quench    Rc 66
Please Note:

Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches. If you require a cosmetically-perfect finish, additional processing is available for a fee. Contact us at support@sendcutsend.com or make a note on your order to discuss options.

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