Hot Rolled Carbon Steel

HRP&O (hot rolled pickled & oiled) is made of low carbon steel that is found in most industries as it offers good weldability and machinability.

If you are building something that has to be super strong and durable, HRP&O mild steel is the way to go. Our fabrication and welding customers love this material since it's so reliable and easy to work with.

We also offer regular hot rolled carbon steel in .059" and .119". This is our favorite metal for signage and decorative pieces. It has a beautiful slate gray finish and contrasts well with the other metals we carry.

Very strong, indestructible

Easy to thread, machine, drill etc.

Welds beautifully

      Available Thicknesses:

      HRP&O steel is much smoother and easier to finish than cheaper "mill finish hot roll" that most steel centers sell. Anyone who has ever tried to remove mill scale from some cheap angle iron will know what we're talking about. The pickling process removes the scale from the hot rolled steel surface resulting in a clean, uniform surface. After the scale is removed, an oil film is applied to guard against rust.

      Hot rolled steel is cut using oxygen as an assist gas, so some slight oxidation may be present on cut edges. Oxidation is easily removed using muriatic acid or mechanical methods such as a wire brush or tumbler.

      Because HRP&O is so heavy, we offer a limited selection of sizes. If you need something larger than what's available on the site, contact us and we'll get you a quote and shipping costs.

      Please Note:

      Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches. If you require a cosmetically-perfect finish, additional processing is available for a fee. Contact us at or make a note on your order to discuss options.

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