Stainless Steel

Grade 304 stainless steel is one of the most common grades of stainless steel. It's our favorite metal for decorative and durable parts.

Possessing excellent mechanical properties, the high amounts of nickel and chromium in stainless steels also provide outstanding corrosion resistance. Additionally, 304 stainless steel is weldable and formable.

Strong and durable

Welds easily


      We offer our stainless steel in three finishes – regular, grained, and mirrored.
      Please note: Finishes are on one side only.


      Available Thicknesses:

      Optional Clean Cut:

      Our stainless can be laser cut using high-purity nitrogen to give you a clean edge. Using nitrogen as an assist gas prevents oxides from forming during the cutting process, so your parts are ready to paint, powder coat or weld without any additional processing such as grinding or sanding. Contact us for a quote if your parts require Clean Cut.

      Please Note:

      Due to manufacturing variables, your parts may have small cosmetic imperfections/scratches. If you require a cosmetically-perfect finish, additional processing is available for a fee. Contact us at or make a note on your order to discuss options.

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