Sample CNC Machine Cut Parts - Random

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Not sure what material to use for your CNC machine project? Try out our random sample pack!


Includes a $9 gift card code for a future order! 

We'll include a random assortment of our most popular composite, plastic and wood materials, in a variety of thicknesses. 

We're also including a $9 off coupon code for you to use on a future order.

  • Random samples of our most popular materials
  • Thicknesses ranging from .047" to .250" (each kit will vary)
  • Sample sizes range from 1"x1" to 5"x5"
  • Each kit includes a $9 coupon code (emailed to you instantly) for you to use on a future order.



This kit consists of "drops" or scrap material from our cutting process. Please keep in mind that some of the samples may have scratches that are not present in our finished parts.